Summer Music Camps!

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Yes, it is almost here! Although it may not feel like it, Summer is just around the corner. For some that means swimming pools, riding bikes, and lemonade. For others it means DiGiorno, Ben & Jerry’s, and Netflix (no one is judging you!)

But the season of Summer has lots to offer, especially by way of summer music camps. While not in school for nearly three months, Summer is the perfect time to stay sharp (get it?) keep up your music chops. Plus, camps are generally fun and do not hand out report cards.

While there are surely many camps to choose from, one camp in particular is shaping up to be a spectacular experience. That camp is the Littlestone Summer Music Festival or LiSMF, which takes place at the Timothy Lutheran Church from June 9-20, 2014. Offering everything from the standard choir, band, and orchestra, to soul and Motown groups, steel pan drum ensemble, and film scoring, LiSMF will be sure to have something for everyone.

Taken from the Littlestone website, the camp “provides a safe, fun environment for young musicians seeking a creative community filled with other young musicians just like them”.

For more information on LiSMF St. Louis, click here.

To register for camp, click here.


What does it mean to be creative?

The folks at PBS’s Off Book aim to answer this question in their video titled, “How to be creative”. Off Book is series of short videos released twice each week that investigate various forms of art within our digital age. This video delves into several fascinating areas surrounding creativity, such as “navigating the creative process” and “the cognitive stages of creativity”. Musicians, dancers, artists, designers and many others are sure to connect with the ideas discussed here. At just around nine minutes long, this engaging clip will enlighten and inspire all of you creatives out there.

Watch “How to be creative”

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Practice Slow for Success

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I came across this snippet from lifehacker about practicing and thought I would pass it along. Like many of the tips and tricks from lifehacker, this article explains how to maximize productivity and achievement in a certain area. In this case, that area is music and how to get the most out of a short period of practice time. Musician and author, Dick Hensold outlines the three brief steps needed to achieve the most during practice. He insists that capabilities on the instrument will grow in between practice times. These ideas seem to hint at the “work smarter, not harder” approach.

Click here to read this fascinating short from lifehacker.

Hensold’s original piece can be found here.


New Song – “I Saw Paradise”

So I wrote this song a few years back when still jamming with Rainy Day Parade. I have to credit Riley and Mark for helping me weave through a few lyrical quandaries. But I am pretty pleased with the result. Here is the song recorded on Logic through an Audio Technica condenser. I am playing guitar and singing. Thank you and enjoy!

Click here to hear “I Saw Paradise”


Rainy Day Parade EP – The Story

In the Spring of 2011, Mark Woodcock, Riley Taylor and I road tripped to beautiful Nashville, TN, from the often understated city of Kirksville, MO.  Our band, William Henry Harrison’s Rainy Day Parade (or WHHRDP), had been playing gigs around the Kriksville area and continued to do so until graduation a year later. But thanks to then Belmont University students, Sean Morey and Ryan McAdoo, we were able to record these six songs for our first and only EP. The songs have remained locked in a vault (and by vault I mean external hard drive) for several years and finally we have made them available online. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Rainy Day Parade EP



Welcome to Christopher Thomas Music!

I am a musician on a quest for creative opportunities, with a passion for collaboration. Now a college graduate I am enjoying dabbling in many aspects of music, all of which you can learn about here. On this site you will find music recordings and photos of music endeavors. You can see the variety of musical services I provide, while also learning more about me in the process

Check back often as I will be posting informative and interesting links to videos, articles and other tidbits related to music. Here is one to start with:

Victor Wooten “Music as a Language”

Music is my passion and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you.

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Musician on a quest for creative opportunities with a passion for collaboration